Tuesday, April 29, 2014

WildStar's awesome user-defined PVP system

WildStar, a new online game developed by NCsoft's Carbine Studios, made its appearance such awesome. When I first checked out the debut cinematic trailer of WildStar from Gamescom, I was more interested in this MMO. And I am anticipated for the PVP and "user-defind" system in WildStar, as they look rly sexy!

As introduced by Carbine Studios, PvP content will be added to WildStar for PvP enthusiasts. Each character will has its own unique story. That is to say, different characters will have different gameplay. Besides, user-defined system will be added for players to customize their characters' armor sets and help players show desired looks according to their preferences. Players can even generate various skills and equipment, which seems to be indeed distinctive.

Anyway, I hope the game itself could be as awesome as the debut cinematic trailer.

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