Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Wild Star PK World of Warcraft who will be the winner?

With every new MMO there comes a time when we must find out what makes it different .Someone thought Wildstar is the next generation of  world of wraft, they almost the same.Are u agree with this attitude ? For me i don't think so .There is not a better way to call in the hype train then to tell others what wildstar has that world of warcrafe does not. Take your seat ,fasten your belts,and relax as i take u through these different features and systems .

Man Raids
What's that ? world of warcrafe still has 40 man raids ? yes it does,but it is all old content that does not get played.Currently Blizzard does not actively develop or work on 40 man raid unlike Wildstar which does .
After much discussion with World of Warcraft players I have realized that the largest issue with 40 man raids was the nightmare of trying to organize them. I took a step back and realized that during the 40 man raid era, the communication between players still largely consisted of text, and very few players were utilizing VoIP. Today we have a much larger audience of players communicating though VoIP and therefore organizing and running these raids will not be as daunting as before. In addition, I foresee plenty of guilds creating alliances to tackle the 40 man raid content

As we wildstar fans all know wildstar is providing housing as one of its primary features in the game.Od course we all know World of Warcraft is introducing for the next expansion pack,but it is nothing like the Wildstar system .Your housing in wildstar will allow for high customization inside and outside.The turly intriguing factor is how u decide to design the outside of your plot .You can place training plugs, challenges, little dungeon content, and so much more to play. In addition you can set others as neighbors allowing them to visit your plot at any time or just make it completely open to the public. Neighbors and roommates (roommates can help design the plot) will also have access to the buffs located on your plot which are partially determined by your choice of plugs.
If you are looking for gathering that rest XP you will find it on your housing plot. Build it up and gain better rest XP while you are asleep.

Perhaps one of the more unique systems to WildStar is the path system. Some like to consider this a job system in the game, but it expands much larger than simple trade skills. There are four paths to choose from at character creation: soldier, scientist, explorer, and settler.

Each path has its very own leveling system with unlocks and abilities. In addition at times you will need the help of other paths to complete certain content. The path system helps encourage group gameplay and adds in an additional element to your play experience.

Paths take an extra step forward though providing their own quests or objectives to complete which differs largely between all four paths and is quite different from your normal questing. Soldiers will tackle unique combat situations, scientist will be learning all about the lore and interacting with objects, explorers will travel to the top of every mountain or to the bottom of every cave, and settlers will be building structures throughout Nexus. Each has their own special sauce.

Does moving from quest to quest just absolutely bore you at times? Or perhaps you just want a break from monotonous activity? WildStar introduces the challenge system to their game. As you explore the world and complete content you will sometimes be suddenly thrown a challenge to complete. You will then be placed into a situation where you must complete the task presented in the time allowed in order to obtain a reward.

The awesome thing here is that it helps to break up the questing in the game. Many times I have found myself competing a challenge in an adrenaline pumping rush which when completed I found out I had also finished my quest. It is not a large feature, but it certainly helps change the pace of your gameplay.

The above is just some of the important difference between wildstar and warcraft .there must be more one .WildStar PK World of Warcraft , who is the winner ? Who knows.

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