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How to get the best pvp gear in WildStar

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Hey i would like to talk about pvp gear especialy how to get the best pvp gear in Wildstar.
For me the best PvP gear will come from warplots, then arenas and lastly battlegrounds. I think it′s actually bad idea. In my opinion the best gear should come from "skill based" ARENAS but not from 40vs40 warplots.

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Here is my reasons:
1.40vs40 is not about you! (you can be the best player in the world but you can′t do anything if you have bunch of *** in the team)
2.Arenas were always more enjoyable than big pvp events for example (WoW) Arena > Alterac valley ,Guild wars or Star wars the old republic
3.I liked the idea that only really good pvp player could get the best pvp gear ("best pvp gear is not for everyone") and it will also work as cognitive sign for who is skilled hardcore player and who is pvp player just for fun
4.Let WoW serve as a warning example of Blizzards biggest mistake that you could buy best pvp gear after achieving set of points from BGs or arenas (Mists of pandaria). It′s no longer skill based. It′s just about grinding. Because of that alot of their pvp community just quit playing.

The ups and downs in WildStar's pre-launch

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We're in the home stretch before WildStar's launch now. If you haven't pre-ordered, you should do so. For all intents and purposes, the launch game is what's being used in the weekend test sessions. All that's left is the actual gameplay, and if you're an RPer, hunting down the roleplaying community to see what's acknowledged as the unofficial community roleplaying server because beta servers certainly do not have those all-important RP tags.

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A bit of discussion with a friend the other night reminded me that I can't think of a single game over the past four and a half years that I really thought launched at the right time; either they launched a bit too early or a bit too late, at best. So today, with launch less than a month away, I'd like to talk about the things that make me most displeased about the game... and the bits that make me the most hopeful.

First of all, I've said this on the podcast before, but I'm really upset with where the game's path content wound up. All I can do is promise players enjoying the game at launch that it wasn't like this in the earliest versions we played, and it was in fact far more involved and vital. The decision to separate level progression and path progression into completely different tracks seems like a poor idea from the beginning, like a gift-wrapped package saying, "You don't need to care about this!" The original version of paths -- big chunks of content that could allow you to largely bypass the actual designed leveling experience if you wanted to -- was far more interesting and a great idea that unfortunately got put aside in favor of more straightforward progression.

The most recent patch added restrictions on where players can update costumes, which strikes me as unpleasant. Yes, I totally appreciate the option to have multiple costumes, and I do like that those costumes are not tied specifically to armor sets; at the same time, I liked the earlier implementation where you could do this literally anywhere in the game. It reduced the amount of time you spend hanging on to things and hoping they'll eventually fit your character concept, for instance.

This is a game of customization. And I mean that in the best way; there's so much stuff here that you can't help but building some elements of the game you'd like to play.Active combat ensures that two different classes really do play differently from one another; there's no way to mistake a Warrior's sweeping close-range strikes with the cannon patterns of the Engineer. More to the point, you can really tailor a lot of your class playstyle to the class you like the most. I decided during beta to try playing an Engineer totally devoid of pets, and while I wouldn't say it worked better than anything, it was doable. I had the tools to make it work. Nor was I permanently locked into that choice; more so even than in Guild Wars or Guild Wars 2 at launch, trying a build in WildStar was easy and painless.

And there's a development team in charge that seems genuinely interested in listening rather than telling. Oh, sure, there are things the devs have done that I disagree with vehemently (and have written whole columns about, even), but there's the sense that plans are a bit less fixed in stone. When a stink was raised about body types, the team actually did something about it. The new body types aren't perfect, but they're forward motion just the same.

Choose the right path for you in WildStar

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One of the most exciting and innovative features coming to WildStar is the Paths system, which allows players to choose what type of side-content they prefer. A character's path is chosen during character creation, and is a permanent aspect of that character, such as race or class.


Paths are a major form of side-content in the game, offering tons of completely optional content geared towards a player's preferred play style. This style can be determined by taking the Bartle Test[1], a 30 question quiz that reads into a player's preferences for online gaming.

The Four Types
Bartle suggests that there are four core types of players who partake in MMOs, on a two-axis spectrum of playstyle preferences. Though a single player may have a draw towards each of the four motivations, often there is a single motivation that spurs the others, such as an Achiever's desire to explore the whole map for the sake of completion.

Achievers set goals for themselves in game, and make it their duty to complete them as quickly and efficiently as possible. Typically this includes accumulating rare or powerful treasures, holding high in-game status, or accomplishing nigh-impossible tasks.

Socializers prefer to spend their time in the company of their friends and fellow players. These players prefer to role-play, or engage with their friends more than interact with the game itself.

As the name would suggestKillers play MMOs to kill things. They are engaged by having gripping combat, and most enjoy the liberal application of powerful weapons into their foes, most often other players.

Explorers seek to know and understand as much as they can about the game world. These players seek to know hidden secrets, uncover knowledge, and be a source of information for others around them.

Bartle Types in WildStar
In WildStar, Bartle types get taken to the next level, being implemented directly into the gameplay. Once a player has selected their path, they will receive content exclusive to that path throughout the game. Path content is completely optional, and only a player of the selected path can partake in that content, unless they are grouped with another player using crossing paths. The fact that a player can choose a different path for each character also dramatically increases the replay value of WildStar, and offers compelling motivation for players to work in groups. Paths in WildStar are designed to give each player a more fulfilling experience that includes their favorite types of content, whether it be secret knowledge hidden in closed off areas, or killing waves of enemies followed by a unique boss encounter. For more information on each of the unique content that each path presents, or to compare Bartle types with WildStar's paths, check out the section on Paths. A brief account of each path is detailed below.

The Paths

The Explorer path focuses on map exploration and platforming. The Explorer path gains unique access to secret locations, and is tasked with challenges such as reaching the tops of mountains, climbing jumping puzzles, and completing scavenger hunts that will take her far and wide across the surface of Nexus.

The Scientist path concentrates on completionism, understanding the game world, and finding things that are a secret to everybody. The Scientist gains access to a customizable scan bot, and spends their time discovering the secrets of Nexus. Scientists gain access to hidden lore, blocked off Eldan ruins, and special events like reactivating ancient AI to provide buffs and offer advice.

The Settler prefers social engagement with other players, and utilizing multi-player features. The Settler in WildStar can literally build buildings, creating buff stations, quest givers, and vendors with rare loot. The Settler is everyone's best friend, and can dramatically improve the quality of life for players around her.

The Soldier path is meant for players who love to kill enemies in games. The Soldier gets access to unique weapons, huge fights, and unique boss battles that will test her reflexes, cunning, and mechanical skill.

Tips and Tricks for you to play Warrior better

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The Warrior is a close-range, brute-force brawler that uses high-tech weaponry and atomic energy to close distances, generate threat, and bring the damages. He’s kind of a nuclear-powered Swiss Army knife attached to a pro wrestler.The Warrior comes fully-loaded with a giant power sword, heavy armor, brute force and a cannon.The warrior equip with heavy armor. Thanks to limited action set, the warrior can be a straight-up tank or go balls-to-the-wall damage. Maybe a healthy dose of both?

wildstar tips

The following is the tips and tricks for you to play Warrior better
1.Players need to quickly learn how to make use of their interrupts (Wallop or Kick) and their gap closers (Leap and Plasma Whip) in order to control their enemies.

2.Many of the abilities of a warrior have the same effect. Players need to have a sound knowledge of the direction they are heading to in order for them to maximize their capabilities with their different abilities.

3.Although the warrior is very tough, constantly standing in the red will lead to its death. Moving at the right time will save the warrior from a lot of dangers during combat and make the healers job very easy.

4.Players should learn how to adequately manage Agro on the move.

5. In order to increase your efficiency in combat, you need to thoroughly understand and know the right time to use many of your powerful abilities that come with a cool down timer.

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The introduction of Scientist and Soldier in WildStar

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There are four Paths in WildStar, which are Explorer, Soldier, Scientist, Settler. After you chose the race and class, you can pick a path start your adventure in WildStar. Different path has different career, here we are glad to introduce these paths for you.First, we would like to introduce the scientist

wildstar class

The Soldier is the most easiest and violent in all paths, and it would take you less time. Usually, the Soldier just against attacks stand on. Or you can come to the designated area target enemies through keyboard “G”, and finish the quest of killing a certain number of enemies. This picture is illustrating a defensive stronghold.

The Skills of Soldier
Back into the fray: To heal 75% HP and only out-of-the-battle use, need Path level 4
Bail out: allows to take you and your team to the safety supply base, which need your team accept. Most can transfer 40 people at the same time.
Combat Supply Drop: To summon a box with weapon for you and allies next to you. This weapon allows to use skills like stuns etc.

The path about Scientist is special, after you chose it you can get a little robot as you can see in this picture. You can summon robot through clicking keyboard “G”, as well as you can use this key to complete quest. The robot has life blood and would be killed by monster. You just take this robot to collect materials and repair some projects.

This Skills of Scientist 
Holographic Distraction (25s CD): Dazzles the target with holographic imagery, reducing its awareness of enemies
Summon Group (60s CD): GIves all members of your group the option to teleport to your current location. They must be on the same continent as you. Cannot be used in combat. Cooldown is reduced if nobody uses the teleport.
Create Portal - capital city (2h CD): Opens a portal to the Capital City for the next 120.0s. You can back to the city through this portal.

The unique WildStar PVP system

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A new trailer for Carbine Studio's massively multiplayer release Wildstar shows off the high level player-versus-player combat you can expect in Warplots.

wildstar pvp

Warplots are part of Wildstar's Elder Game for users who hit level 50. These are made up of fortress versus fortress combat, with teams coordinating their respective army of players. There are two win scenarios for every Warplots, while players can also earn currency throughout the match to use on upgrades.

The long in-development title will launch on June 3 in two editions: standard and deluxe. WildStar's Standard Edition comes with a free 30 days of playtime, three seven-day passes for guests and an Eldan housing decor item. The Deluxe Edition includes a few additional pieces of unique Eldan-themed content: a hoverboard, a costume, a title and a dye set for armor. That package will be available digitally, and in a Steelbook case at retail.