Friday, May 16, 2014

How to get the best pvp gear in WildStar

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Hey i would like to talk about pvp gear especialy how to get the best pvp gear in Wildstar.
For me the best PvP gear will come from warplots, then arenas and lastly battlegrounds. I think it′s actually bad idea. In my opinion the best gear should come from "skill based" ARENAS but not from 40vs40 warplots.

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Here is my reasons:
1.40vs40 is not about you! (you can be the best player in the world but you can′t do anything if you have bunch of *** in the team)
2.Arenas were always more enjoyable than big pvp events for example (WoW) Arena > Alterac valley ,Guild wars or Star wars the old republic
3.I liked the idea that only really good pvp player could get the best pvp gear ("best pvp gear is not for everyone") and it will also work as cognitive sign for who is skilled hardcore player and who is pvp player just for fun
4.Let WoW serve as a warning example of Blizzards biggest mistake that you could buy best pvp gear after achieving set of points from BGs or arenas (Mists of pandaria). It′s no longer skill based. It′s just about grinding. Because of that alot of their pvp community just quit playing.

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