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Tips and Tricks for you to play Warrior better

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The Warrior is a close-range, brute-force brawler that uses high-tech weaponry and atomic energy to close distances, generate threat, and bring the damages. He’s kind of a nuclear-powered Swiss Army knife attached to a pro wrestler.The Warrior comes fully-loaded with a giant power sword, heavy armor, brute force and a cannon.The warrior equip with heavy armor. Thanks to limited action set, the warrior can be a straight-up tank or go balls-to-the-wall damage. Maybe a healthy dose of both?

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The following is the tips and tricks for you to play Warrior better
1.Players need to quickly learn how to make use of their interrupts (Wallop or Kick) and their gap closers (Leap and Plasma Whip) in order to control their enemies.

2.Many of the abilities of a warrior have the same effect. Players need to have a sound knowledge of the direction they are heading to in order for them to maximize their capabilities with their different abilities.

3.Although the warrior is very tough, constantly standing in the red will lead to its death. Moving at the right time will save the warrior from a lot of dangers during combat and make the healers job very easy.

4.Players should learn how to adequately manage Agro on the move.

5. In order to increase your efficiency in combat, you need to thoroughly understand and know the right time to use many of your powerful abilities that come with a cool down timer.

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