Tuesday, April 29, 2014

WildStar offers More Ways For You To Die

We’re talking about a brand new Wildstar flick today, which Carbine has enjoyed teasing a bit. The new Adventures flick features a mentally unbalanced virtual construct called The Caretaker, who spends his days analyzing and determining the best way to destroy you.

What this Wildstar flick is introducing to us are Adventures; 5-man instanced content which heavily concentrates on strategic decision making wildstar credits. The Caretaker just does it in a really creepy “I’m your friend/oh wait I’m not you’re all gonna die!” kinda way.

With the new MMO there coming on the way we all know WildStar is providing housing as one of its primary features in the game. Of course we all know World of Warcraft is introducing housing for the next expansion pack, but it is nothing like the WildStar system. Your housing in WildStar will allow for high customization inside and outside. The truly intriguing factor is how you decide to design the outside of your plot.

You can place training plugs, challenges, little dungeon content, and so much more to play. In addition you can set others as neighbors allowing them to visit your plot at any time or just make it completely open to the public. Neighbors and roommates (roommates can help design the plot) will also have access to the buffs located on your plot which are partially determined by your choice of plugs.

You can expect more details on Adventures in Wildstar to start pouring out very soon.

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